Across Meinl 614 Handheld Cowbell

Another great feature that comes with the Garmin handheld GPS is the ability to locate hotels and restaurants, along with many other types of places. If you are driving and you suddenly have a craving for Chinese, you can use your Garmin handheld GPS, find the nearest Chinese restaurant, and get the turn-by-turn directions to it. Another nice thing about the Garmin handheld GPS is that it will not only take you where you need to go, but it is also make sure that you get home safely.

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Magellan has the eXplorist series with 4 models for their handheld GPS devices. Each with their own features, so depending on your requirements and your price point the Magellan has a GPS for you also. They are extremely successful to those who are dedicated to geocaching.

The Garmin vs Magellan competition is not over. Competition lowers prices and also creates better products and both Garmin and Magellan have responded aggressively to the competition offered by the other company. Garmin seems to be ahead of the GPS war for the moment. Fortunately for the consumers, the choice of the handheld units have got better and the prices have come down. And they’ve additional new features and their technology has improved greatly.

If you are going hunting, camping, fishing, geocaching or any outside leisure pusuit a handheld GPS device is so handy and versatile. A mounting bracket is a very useful extra so you can mount the handheld GPS in your car. These brackets can be also used on most boats,bicycles and motorcycles. Most handheld GPS’s don’t have a voice prompt, some will “Beep” as you get near to you destination.